Invasive Insect Solutions

Who We Are

Invasive Insect Solutions is the off-shoot of Salix Springs Landscaping.  Serving the Berks Northern Bucks and Northern Montgomery County Pennsylvania region with science backed, ecologically minded landscaping services since the year 2000, Invasive Insect Solutions was created to meet the demands of the spotted lanternfly crisis that our community is dealing with.

Why We Are Doing This

Located just outside of the original quarantine for spotted lanternflies, we soon found our own properties overrun and inside the quarantine.  Finding no readily available information on how to handle this potentially devastating pest, we began our own research to find the answers.  

Who We Work With

We are currently working collaboratively with university research entomologists, extension agencies, and technical representatives from our chemical suppliers to navigate uncharted waters.  More importantly, we are working with our customers and are grateful for their time and patience as we work out new concepts and strategies.

Why You Should Be Concerned

Spotted lanternflies are literally sucking the lifeblood out of our trees.   If they are left unchecked, we believe that we will be seeing catastrophic levels of tree death from the excess stress on our trees, or possible disease transmission by millions of feeding insects.

If You Want Our Help

Benefit from our experimentation, both the failures and the successes, in dealing with spotted lanternflies, as well as our access to the latest research from our ongoing collaborations.